WATTrouter controllers

The WATTrouter M controllers are versatile programmable controllers to optimize self-consumption of energy produced by your photovoltaic or wind power plant.They provide non-electric accumulation without the need of batteries. When correctly installed and configured, these controllers can perfectly optimize the surplus energy which would otherwise flow unused into public grid.

The WATTrouter ECO is an ideal choice for users who want effectively use their photovoltaic surplus energy without massive investments, they don’t need increased connection comfort (monitoring via Internet, etc.), but they need a reliable and functional product.

These controllers can be used for photovoltaics operated in „prosumer“-schemes in residential areas, where, according to the price differences between feed-in tariff and regular electricity tariff and the amount of energy the customer can self-consume, the devices can pay themselves even within less than 4 months!

These devices can even help for photovoltaics operated in net metering schemes where the energy flow compensation period is less than one year (typically daily or monthly periods).


WATTrouterM_ENWATTrouter M SSR & WATTrouter ECO
Current measurement range: 3x20A
Current load capacity range: 3x40A

WATTrouter M MAX
Current measurement range: 3x100A
Current load capacity range: 3x125A

This solution is compliant with EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3.

User manual, technical specification and declaration of conformity: